Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

A conversation with Emily Kotnick.


Breanna Silvas, Clubs

When choosing a club you may want to know more about it before you actually join the club you want.

Today I had the chance to talk to Emily Kotnick. When I asked her why should people join FCCLA  she said, “it definitely gets your confidence up and the people in it make it so much fun.”

Personally when I look for a club to join I see who’s all in it to make sure it’s something I can have fun in. Emily said, “I don’t yet but I’m excited to find out.”

The last question I asked her was what the clubs goal is and she said, “We want to get as many people as we can to go to state.”

If you feel that FCCLA is something for you they have club meetings once a month and for more information about FCCLA go talk to Mrs. Jenkins in room C29.