Jamie Rosloniec

Jamie’s Rosloniec’s move to Pocatello


Debbie Greco

Jamie Rosloniec leans against the painted rock in front of the school

Ruby Kloh, Feature Editor

Hello humans of Highland! 

This week I spoke with Jamie Rosloniec, a B-day student. 

They moved here last year and shared the story of their move from Nebraska to here! This was not their first move a they had previously lived in other states such as California and Colorado.

“We moved from Nebraska, my Grandpa had died recently so we really had nothing else keeping us there,” Rosloniec said. 

They tell how their mom found some family she had no idea she had since she was adopted at a very young age. 

Their mom used ancestry and got in contact with Rosloniec’s grandma and aunts. 

They met up over the summer and they decided to move here. 

Rosloniec also tells of the difference between Nebraska and Pocatello. “Well, there’s definitely a lot less diversity here, and everything is so much more conservative. Also, compared to Nebraska there is like no one here.” They explained how the move personally affected them. 

So many people know the struggles of making friends, especially when you move around a lot. Many can tell you that it’s really hard to make friends, that is something Rosloniec understands, and a problem that has turned around for them since moving here. 

“Well, I guess I’ve never really had friends since I moved here, I moved around a lot so I never really saw the point in making them, but these past two years I’ve met people who’ve been so nice to me and become closer to me than anyone ever has.” Jamie says to me. 

They finish with, “Moving here and meeting people who actually want to be friends with me has made me feel better about myself and I honestly feel like it changed my life, because I finally have people I feel like I can depend on all because coming here.”