Youtube’s New “Kid’s” update, and why it is bad.

YouTube should consider a Teen Mode.

Youtube's New

Gideon Hauser, reporter

I understand why they would want to filter kids content from the others, but it isn’t the best system.

For one thing, I can’t watch my favorite youtubers and I lost over 40 of my subscriptions.

Youtube needs to sort out it’s filter, or add a teen mode, because it makes it impossible for teens to watch their fave youtubers.

I am almost 16 as of this article.

It will remove videos with anything viewed as ‘not kid friendly’ including blood (real/fake or virtual), swearing (of any amount) and much more.

Some of the people I watched had their videos blocked from me because the type of content they covered, including: Reddit, Tumblr, LGBTQPIA, and darker-themed video games.

I have resorted to watching hollow-knight and hermitcraft. With a teen mode, they could allow people to watch their favorite youtubers and the former age restriction is still active.

That would be better