How to get your associate’s degree on graduation

“Be open for every possibility.”

From talking to a lot of students, there are quite a few who want to graduate high school but don’t know how. Well, we fixed that. I talked to Mrs. Sarah May Clarkson, the College Career Advisor, about how to make this happen and she gave some great advice. 

  “There are a number of things I would want you to consider,” Clarkson said, “about school and about life,” From talking to her I learned that it is important to balance out these two things because school is stressful and chaotic and life can be too. “Be open for every possibility.” 

You can’t start taking these college credit classes until you are 16 or a Junior so what are some things you can do to prepare for those classes? Well, being in honors classes really helps. 

“My advice would be, I would encourage you to be on an honors track because when you do Duel and roman, as particular if you are aiming for as many credits as possible, those classes are harder,” Clarkson said. 

Honors classes are a bit harder, but will really help if you are looking for a chance to get your associate degree, but Mrs. Clarkson was saying a lot about how you need to have fun while you’re in high school. Don’t surround yourself with school and homework. Keep your grades up and have fun.