Freshmen stepping into High School during pandemic

What are some of your hobbies and how do you stay positive through the pandemic? What are some things you like to do with your friends and how do you stay social?


El Leishman

first day of highschool, lunch in the cafeteria.

Elizabeth Leishman, Reporter

Freshmen from all middle schools are joining Highland High School this year. Due to the 2020 pandemic, there transition from middle schoolers to high schoolers as been difficult, but our freshmen still stay positive through it all.

Emma Lombard, from Conor Academy, plays the ukulele in her spare time and enjoys English class. One of her favorite memories this year is going to Yellowstone with her friends for a week. Though she dislikes the cold, she still enjoys watching the snow fall.

Some of Lombard’s hobbies are sleeping in, playing her ukulele, Netflix and chilling, and cooking/baking. Lombard’s favorite thing to do at home is to bake and cook new things.

Koree Rushdi, a freshmen from Conor, says this year has been an unusual year. “Since covid I have not been able to see my friends as much.” Rushdi’s favorite class this trimester has been Chemistry “because we get along with each other very well.” Some of Rushdi’s hobbies he enjoys to do include singing, hanging out with friends, and riding his bike.