Black Lives should be treated no less than other lives in anyway.

Black lives are being taken every day.

Link Ritter, Reporter

There’s a lot going on in our world right now, but something that I really want to focus on is the Black Lives Matter movement.

This year a man by the name of George Floyd was suffocated by a white police officer even though he was listening to the cop and doing as he said.

The officer had his knee pressed very aggressively against George’s neck, and wouldn’t listen or get off even after George told the man “I can’t breathe.” And as the cop didn’t listen, George lost his life in vain.

This almost immediately started something as this wasn’t the first time that a black man lost his life against a cop for no reason.

In my eyes, I fully hope George is in a better place and is happy, and I hope that he is making a recovery from the loss of someone amazing. So in my eyes I believe that Black Lives Matter and here’s why.

If you were to look at our history it  seems like Black people get treated like different people for no reason beyond their skin color.

It hurts to watch someone get killed or hurt just because of the color of their skin. Another problem is the fact that some people think it’s ok.

I know there is a fight towards each other about BLM and ALM (All lives matter), but Black lives have always had some sort of fear for their life, or the people around them, and that’s just wrong.

Black lives have been fighting for so long to try and be treated equal to White people and for people to start something and say that all lives matter, is to ignore the fact that “White lives” have always mattered in ways that “Black lives” have been ignored.

For someone to kill another person for the color of their skin, I really think that people are really working towards the bottom if we STILL can’t be equal…?

I don’t really even understand why some White people hate Black people so much; I also don’t understand why black people have to be treated so differently. 

Just because their skin is a different color doesn’t mean they should be treated differently.

They get food, they drive, they talk, walk, act, cry, feel, laugh, smile, and are kind just like everyone else in the world. 

And yes not everyone is a good person, but a White person doing a crime is just as bad as a Black person doing a crime, and yet research shows the if two people come before a judge for the exact same crime and one person is Black and the other is White, the Black person will receive a harsher sentence than the White person.

In some people’s world a black person commiting a crime is apparently “worse” in their eyes even though a white person, and just people in general, could do the same thing.

I know not everyone in the world will change because there’s always going to be some people that are going to be racist and such, but at least some people can change other people’s point of view on how black people are treated.

It wasn’t just George Floyd, there have been a number of examples.

A man by the name of Rayshard Brooks was shot in the back twice all because he fell asleep in his car in a drive through.

The body cams on the two officers know as Garret Rolfe and Devin Brosnan shot Rayshard because they tried to restrain him because he “Was drinking to much” so as he tried to flee from the officers instead of getting tazed like a normal person would do, Ray lost his life and the cops were pressed with 11 charges including murder and were locked and put away.

When people say…”black lives are dying for no reason and for what cause” they mean it, and so do I.

Black lives are being murdered every day just for the simplest things.

Like Breonna Taylor. She was shot 8 times, EIGHT!

She was shot because police thought that she and her boyfriend were smuggling drugs in their home and broke in killing Taylor and then restraining her boyfriend.

Another thing that has happened in 2020 is that a woman by the name of Alatiana Jefferson was shot and killed through her window in front of her 8 year old nephew because her neighbor called the police on her for no reason, but because her door was open and police thought she was doing “suspicious things.”

Why can’t people sleep, or do dishes, or go to a gas station, or smile, or hang out with friends, or slightly struggle, hold a phone, stand in a neighbor’s yard, eat ice cream, sit on a couch, or BREATHE! Police always have a trigger finger and never seem to care about anyone, but themselves.

Black lives matter; all of them do!