Running away from COVID-19

When there isn’t much to do at home, find some activities that are COVID safe yet fun.


One of the many trails you can hike.

Brynn Hillary, Reporter

To maintain both physical and mental health it is important to be mindful when going out.

Although we want to prevent the spread of COVID as much as we can, it can be difficult to find things to do that keep yourself and others safe from COVID and still is enjoyable.

One of the many activities that Pocatello has to offer is hiking trails.

The CDC suggests, “Prioritize attending outdoor activities over indoor activities and stay within your local area as much as possible.”

Meaning when people are outdoors hiking trails they are putting precautions in place to keep themselves and others safe.

In an interview with a graduate student, Breck Dalley she stated, “I’ve been really grateful to live in an area with so many trails and outdoor areas that I’ve been able to still enjoy during the pandemic.”

Since the seasons are beginning to change and the days aren’t nearly as warm as they used to, it is necessary to find activities that accommodate that cold weather.

When the snow starts to fall more places open for skiing and other winter sports.

A winter sport that would be COVID safe is cross country skiing.

When helping slow the spread is such an important part of everyone’s day, it is crucial to find things that will give you a breather, yet keep everyone safe.

When you are going out make sure you keep social distancing, if six feet of space is hard to keep then try and wear a mask.

When you going out it is also important to stay a sanitary as possible, make sure to use and hand sanitizer and wash your hands.

Even before the pandemic it was always important to go out and get fresh air, now it is even more important than normal.

As far as going out to parties, unfortunately people should refrain from being in close contact with people who are not members of your family.

If people are interested in gatherings than it is important to make sure to social distance, sanitize and wear masks.

During the pandemic many people have stopped exercising or ate loads of fast food.

When we start to  emerge form our homes it is crucial we start to get back into those habits. What better way than to start going on walks.

We can only wait so long for the pandemic to go away, at one point it is neccasary to find activities to make things begin to feel normal again.

Now more than ever we must find a way to take care of our mental and physical health.

We can do so by getting out and safely seeing friends and family.