Among Us: the newest sensation of 2020

How do teachers feel about Among Us imposing on their classrooms?


Shyanne Strength

A screenshot taken of the home screen in Among Us.

This overnight sensation continues to be prominent in our lives. The online game Among Us has been out for a couple of years now, however not too long ago it became extremely popular among YouTubers and teens.

Many people are wondering if it is going to be a one hit wonder or if it will stick around for years to come. Hebdon, a math teacher, compared it to fidget spinners. “Fidget spinners had been around for almost five years. And then for whatever reason it kind of caught on and everybody’s like, ‘Oh look fidget spinners!’ and then it blew up for like 3 months.” 

He states that he believes it’s just something new and we all like shiny new toys. However, even Hebdon thinks these things have consequences. Every single day there are students playing Among us in his class. 

Since the game became popular he has had a few students who “usually get, like, A’s on their tests,” however after the most recent tests, they received much lower marks. “I think so. I think it’s mostly due to Among Us because those few students who had their grades go down like that, they were playing Among Us in class and stuff and I would tell them like, “turn it off” and they wouldn’t. So, yeah, choice consequence.”

But what about mental stability? “I believe it can affect their grades and therefore can affect their mental health,” Hebdon also stated. He also seems to think there are better games to be playing.

“It’s alright, I don’t, I would rather play COD or Destiny or Halo or something but I mean, it’s fine. It’ll be funny to see how long it lasts, you know?”