RamFam’s review of our first tri in Hybrid

Aidan Merrill, Reporter

Our first trimester in hybrid was a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone.

We went from fully in person at school before COVID hit, to fully online when it was first reported in the US, and now to a mix of both. This took a toll on how everyone does school, teachers and all. We’ve all been stressed and struggling to adjust.

Chloe Scott ’24 says, “It was so stressful, I hated it. For second tri I am going to do fully online.”

I think a lot of us feel the same way  Scott does.

Most students like being in person and interacting with each other, but the stress of coming back and forth, not having good communication with your teachers, and missing assignments really gets to people.

“If we went fully online and just did more zooms and online meetings, that would honestly be better then where we are at right now,” Charity Anderson ’24 says.

Overall, this trimester was a struggle. Hopefully with trimester two rolling in, students have found a new way to work with our situation and are coping.