Snowy Weather is on the Way

Mountain Profile Snowshoes Kill the Competition


Dannis Adamson, Reporter

The Mountain Profile snowshoe and trekking pole kit, available for purchase at Costco, is a very good investment.

This product is ideal for people who are outdoor enthusiasts, people wanting exercise, and families looking for inexpensive gear.  If you’ve never been snowshoeing, now is the perfect time to pick up a set.  Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can socially distance and explore the great outdoors.  Snowshoeing is easy to do. There is no experience necessary.  You just have to know how to walk!

These snowshoes are a quality product that withstands frequent use.  I have had Mountain Profile Snowshoes for 3 years and they still work as well as they did on day one. The snowshoes are made out of aluminum. The spikes are still sharp and grab the ice.

Many people, especially families with kids, are looking to buy snowshoes that are affordable.  The price has increased over the years, but it is still a good value compared to other brands.  It also comes with trekking poles, making the purchase an even better value.

Finally, the product is easy to use and works as intended.  It is a bit challenging to put on the snowshoes, however, they still function as advertised. The rubber strap you use to hold it in place is a little hard to tighten.  The snowshoe set comes with a convenient carrying case that helps protect the snowshoes from damage and has mesh panels to help drain melting snow.  It even has a strap that you can put on your shoulder for transportation.

You can get the Mountain Profiles Snowshoes at Costco seasonally. They sell out fairly quickly at Costco in Pocatello, so you have to act quickly.

Overall, I recommend purchasing this item.  It is a functional product that holds up well. The price is affordable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on another brand, these snowshoes provide a great alternative for a variety of users.