School board rules to stay in Hybrid.

As the school board meet this Tuesday they decided what to do the next trimester.


Alyssa Funk

The school board meeting to decide how the next trimester will look.

Alyssa Funk, Reporter

As the new trimester approaches the school board is looking at ways to make learning easier and better for students and teachers, on November 2nd they had a meeting about this. While I watched the meeting I was looking for ways that the school board was looking at how what they are doing affects students’ learning, physical health,  and mental health. 

They started out the meeting with Mrs. Fisher taking a look at the survey they sent out. The survey was for students, parents, and teachers. With 3190 responses from students 77% of the students said they are receiving video struction from teachers on remote learning days. 27% said they are participating in some sort of synchronous learning. 59% of students are strongly concerned or kinda concerned about their progress. 53% of the students would prefer to return to full-time face-to-face learning. Of the parents another 53% would prefer to have full-time face-to-face learning. 9% would like to have full remote learning, and 38% would like to stay in our hybrid program. For the teachers and staff 57% would prefer to stay in hybrid.

For parents the most important aspects for their students are their grades, health and safety, then the schedule and routine of school. Staff are concerned about student engagement and academic progress. Staff also said that safety is their primary factor in the classroom.  

Later in the meeting  they introduced a PowerPoint that will be given at the beginning of the trimester giving advice on what they could do to make this hybrid learning easier and better for them which will affect their mental health and physical health. They went on to talk about how they are helping students who are struggling with their grades. With after school tutoring and Wednesday internet cafe. 

Then they went on to talk about different forms of hybrid learning that have been suggested to them or that they came up with. Out of all the options that they came up with the two that they’re thinking about is staying the same with a b  Wednesday remote a b, or switching to a b a b and Friday being remote. The decision as of November 6 was to move the full-remote day to Friday each week.

In the end the school board is considering how this will affect everyone, students, parents, and teachers.