Finals are coming up soon, here are some things that can help you!

Helpful tips about the finals.


Ashley Abram

Councilor and College Career Advisor

The finals are near! The test which is a capstone assessment experience when you come to the end of a trimester, in college it would be a semester, it’s the assessment and judgment of your knowledge of the content, the subject, and the theory at that particular moment.

The finals affect everyone differently for the councilors they say that “people are either studying or sitting and taking the finals so it both be quiet and be busy because if someone doesn’t have a final they might come in and sit down ask questions or college applications or maybe ask about college internships, so it can be kind of unpredictable, but in general, it’s kind of quiet.”

For teachers we interviewed most are confident and know that their students know what they have in store for them. Some teachers take the finals as a way to see how well they teach and try to figure out some ways they can be better at teaching some topics and see what some students struggle with so if they see other students struggling with it they know how to overcome that and make the students understand it better.

In classes, your teachers know what they are doing to prepare for the finals and get you prepared for them. Teachers hate the finals because they know that means their kids are leaving for new classes in the next trimester.

The students on the other hand have different mixed feelings about the finals.  Some are stressed, confident, worried, and excited. Some kids didn’t even know what finals were or that we had them.

Some have studied and others are either going to or never even thought of it. There are a lot of different emotions for the finals from students but the most important thing to do is study. This is a test that tests on what you have learned throughout this trimester so as long as you have turned in all your homework, studied for tests, listened to your teachers, and paid attention then you’ll do perfectly fine on them.

Most people’s favorite parts about these finals are getting them over and doing good on them. Least favorite is doing them and leaving some of their favorite classes and teachers. They are pretty stressed because there isn’t a lot of time studying during class which is why you should check out the Top 10 effective ways to study.

Just remember you’re not alone and that others feel the same about these finals. You’re going to do amazing!