Pets and Mental Health help during the Pandemic

Jessey Gray, Reporter

We all know that living in this pandemic is hard. Specially when we can’t see our friends and family like we use to. But did you know that your pets can actually help improve your mental health?

Everyone has seen a therapy animal at some point in their life. Therapy animals are trained for a certain person, and trained to do a certain thing. Therapy animals have literally saved lives before. Well while your pet might not be trained like this, You pet still pays attention to your moods. Most dogs know when you are in a mood, and what mood you’re in.

At the beginning of this pandemic I had two dogs. One sadly grew old and she passed away. My other dog is is still around but she is depressed because her friend is gone. I’ve been depressed for more than one reason but my dogs passing was hard for me. My dog that is still here loves to cuddle and be held, and sometimes that’s all I want to do, is hold my dog. She seems to know when I’m sad and need a hug, She’ll come find me and lay on my lap for hours. I feel like she needs the cuddles too.

If you have a pet I suggest spending more time with them, they are going nuts from this pandemic too. And I you don’t have a pet, really try to convince who ever you need to, and go get one.

People with therapy animals know that there is something’s always there for them and watching out for them. You should know that too.

Just having a pet there to talk to or to hold can change your mood. It could even end up saving your life.