Possibility of online school this winter worries students

Many think we’ll go online after midterms second trimester


Elise Wood

A sign on the Highland High School door reminds students to wear face masks. These precautions have kept students partially in school so far this year.

Elise Wood, Reporter

Now that we’ve entered flu season, Highland High School (HHS) students are wondering if we’ll stay in hybrid school throughout the winter, as COVID-19 cases are going up and are likely to keep doing so.

“I do think that we will go fully online this winter, mostly because of the spike in cases,” Amity Taylor, HHS freshman said.

However, the district has decided to stay in hybrid until midterms of the second trimester.

“I think we’re going to stay in hybrid, is what I personally think is going to happen. And that’s also what the district decided this last week,” David Hopwood, HHS teacher, said.

However, he also thought that there was a chance of going fully online.

“It is a possibility if cases get severe enough that they will go all online,” Hopwood said.

By using the hybrid school model, the district has kept students partially in school, and some teachers have even found a lot of good things about hybrid.

“I like the smaller class sizes because I get to know everybody better. I have a class that’s like eight students and it’s noisier than all my other classes because everyone feels comfortable talking,” Rebecca Thompson, HHS teacher, said.

Other teachers feel differently about it, however.

“What I personally want is to see you guys every day, it’s just a lot easier to plan and do things, more hands-on activities, it’s a lot more exciting than online work,” Hopwood said.

As the days get colder, many students worry that we won’t even be able to stay in hybrid.

“The cases keep rising as we are at school with other people. This might make us go online so we are all safely social distancing,” Jessica Dahlstrom, HHS freshman, said.

Online school can be harder for both students and teachers.

“Usually I only get one class done and feel like I’ve done enough work for the day,” Dahlstrom said.

Other students felt like online school wouldn’t be that different from hybrid.

“I think that I will be more prepared because I already have 3 online school days so adding 2 more wouldn’t be much different,” Taylor said.

Online school this winter would be different from last spring.

“In the spring, we were trying not to overwhelm everyone, because nobody knew what was happening. We’d never been in a pandemic before,” Thompson said.

However, online school would be harder than our last experience with it

“It would feel more like school, every day. You’d get up and there would be a new lesson from every teacher,” Thompson explained.