Idaho government not making people wear masks anymore.

In Conclusion the government of Idaho should make us wear masks wherever we go so that more people don’t get sick. We need to get over covid as fast as possible so we need to wear our masks so we don’t get sick or get people sick.


Kaylee Moore and Elizabeth Leishman

Idaho is getting sicker everyday. The government of Idaho was making people wear masks wherever they went so they wouldn’t get sick or get other people sick, but now it has changed. Since then our numbers have gone up on covid cases.

Now that people aren’t wearing masks people with bad immune systems are dying because the government is not making people wear masks. In Idaho alone we have 560 deaths from covid. We need to wear our masks so that we don’t have people dying because we don’t wear masks 

People not wearing masks has increased the number of current cases in idaho. That is why it is important to make wearing masks mandatory. covid casis rising every day, affecting the world.where a mask is mandatory people have a better chance to keep healthy and save lives, so wear a mask.

School district 25 started school with two day in school and three days online a week, but we also have to wear masks and if we didn’t wear masks we would have so many more covid cases. In school district 25 we have 53, 36 students and 17 teachers and a couple of Fridays ago there were 23 students and 12 teachers positive for the virus. District 25 mandatory mask rule helps keep the numbers down.

The rising cases in Idaho is due to the lack of wearing masks. 

We should wear masks, it is so simple and causes a good effect on the pandemic. Making masks mandatory everywhere outside of our homes will help slow the rising cases.