Top spots to socialize and eat lunch on campus

Don’t know where to eat lunch? Here’s the top spots.

School lunch is often taken for granted. It's a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy your time as a highschooler.

School lunch is often taken for granted. It’s a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy your time as a highschooler.

Audrey Herron and Katelyn Atkinson

“The best spots to eat on campus are probably outside (when it’s warm), in the commons area, in a teacher’s classroom, or in the cafeteria,” said Emma Eggleston.

These top spots are frequently seen with mainly Freshman and Sophomores.

“I feel like only Freshman and Sophomores are mainly the only ones who eat on campus. By the time you’re a Junior or a Senior, you have a driver’s license and eat off campus,” said Samantha Baker.

However, not only are people with drivers license eating off campus, people who live close to campus can eat off campus as well.

“It would be nice if you lived close [to campus] because then you could walk over to your house and eat there,” said Alyssa Funk.

One activity you could do on campus during lunch is go to the gym and play basketball.

Carter Atkinson said the he likes to eat “in the parking lot, seminary building, or in a teachers class in upper B-hall.”

Another activity you can do on campus are walk the commons and talk with friends.

Katelyn Atkinson said, “I eat either in Brother Naumu’s classroom or in the theatre classroom.”

If you don’t have anyone to talk to at lunch you could go try finding someone else that doesn’t have anyone or you could read a book.

Most people prefer to eat off campus but they can’t do it very often because gas is expensive.

Kennedy Bailey said, “I usually eat in McArthur’s classroom with my friends.”

Students often say that a benefit of eating on campus is that you don’t have to worry about getting back to school on time.

Gas can be expensive and not all high school students can afford to refill their tank every week or so.

“I’d prefer for students to eat on campus rather than go off campus because it’s safer. However, I guess it just depends on their age as well,” said Clifford Herron.

If they are old enough and responsible enough, than they should have that right to go off campus.

“I remember thinking that the best part about high school was the freedom. They didn’t treat you like kids, you were old enough to be able to eat outside and go off campus for lunch, however if people abuse that right than it completely ruins your high school experience,” said Janna Herron.

This means that we shouldn’t take all of these amazing places to socialize and eat lunch for granted. Being able to eat where you want in high school is one of the key experiences to finally have that feeling of freedom. Don’t abuse it!