Women Need Equal Rights

The times are changing and that means women are gaining basic rights.

In 1987, the average woman made 68 cents while a man would make one dollar.

Brynlee Fehringer

In 1987, the average woman made 68 cents while a man would make one dollar.

Brynlee Fegringer, All

Women have been compared, degraded, and harmed by society for years and years.

This form of devaluation has affected the way women are treated in any form of education, work, and even just in every day life. 

Change is needed greatly for the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and many others who have made your life possible. 

Women are human beings, people in society, and no different than a man in worth. 

No life should be degraded due to gender because that is blankly unfair and discriminatory. 

About half of Americans believe that giving women the right to vote has been the most important milestone in making women more important in our country. 

Without this breakthrough, women would have never gotten the chance to become more in society then they ever were before. 

With time and the right tools, women can be seen as equal. 

All around the globe, women are being abused because of their rights or lack thereof. 

Gender-based violence, neglect of reproductive and sexual health rights, social discrimination, and economic discrimination are just a few hardships that women are expected to just live with. 

This is absolutely terrifying to think of because young girls think that this is the ¨societal norm¨ when in reality, absolutely everything is wrong about this. 

Women think it is normal to be cat called, to not walk alone at night, to check under your car for someone, to reach ¨beauty standards,¨ and countless more. 

Some people disagree with the fact that women need rights and they assume a woman’s place is needed elsewhere. 

For example, some people are living in the past and do not see the need for change in our society. 

Women have always been known to be in the kitchen, taking care of children, and being the ideal housewife.

A man would work in the office all day long to support his family by himself. 

But now, a woman can work for their family as well and even some husbands stay home with their children. 

Though this will take time, change needs to start here.

Society needs to find a new normal for women of all ages, including the girls that are exposed to these issues as well. 

By giving access to free sexual and reproductive healthcare, women will become more comfortable with keeping their bodies healthy and not ignoring their health because of financial reasons. 

Women need basic human rights just like everyone else in our world.