School dress codes need to reflect equality

School Dress codes are biased and unrealistic.


Screenshot from Google search “dress code policies”, shows common dress code policies, taken by Cameron Norton on October 16, 2018

Jessey Gray, Reporter

Today’s school dress codes are harder to uphold because of styles and the cost of clothing. It is harder to find “appropriate” clothing (according to the school dress codes) in stores.

Girls today have more restrictions on their clothing than boys. Even if they are at the same schools. People say that girls clothing that reveals their shoulders, stomachs, and too much of the thigh, is distracting for boys.

Some schoosl are so extreme about their dress codes, that girls will get suspended for not covering up. In fact I almost got suspended for wearing a cut off tee shirt.

My sister went through her clothes one day and got rid of a lot of clothes. I found some cute cut off tee shirts and she let me have them.  I decided I was going to wear one to school (with a tank top underneath so my side weren’t showing). My Vice Principal at the time saw me and told me I needed to cover up. I tried to tell her I didn’t have something to cover up in, and that I was covered, with my tank top and tee shirt on. Then she told me to cover up or get suspended. I almost got suspended until one of my friends heard what was going on. He walked over to me and gave me is jacket right in front of my vice principal.

Boys have noticed that the dress codes are unfair too, like my friend who stepped up without me asking. There was a story in the news a few years ago that still applies to today’s problems. A few years ago a group of boys wore skirts to school to protest wearing trousers, even though there was a heat wave.

I think that we need a balance between strict dress codes and doing the full blown uniforms. Because School uniforms take away individuality. Students can’t express themselves, when they are being told what to wear, and what to do with their bodies. I feel like the school board should take into consideration the way girls  feel when they are told that they are being distracting for nothing, and the way girls feel when they are being told not to express themselves.