Pink tax discriminates against women

Gender based pricing is not ok.

Ashley Bigelow, Reporter

Pink tax is something that some people forget that we have. Pink tax is there are two products that do the exact same thing, but one will be priced a few dollars more because it’s directed for women to buy it. Like if you take a pink calculator and compare it to a black calculator, exactly the same, the only difference is the color. The pink one will be a few dollars more, the companies and just make a few dollars more if they target a product towards women.  Any woman has probably experienced it at some time in their life, even when you’re little it’s still a thing with toys and clothes. I’ve experienced many times, like just going to the store and needing a body wash and the men’s will be priced lower than the women because the color of the packaging is pink, same brand, same size, just a different color. says that things such as razors, shaving cream, jeans, children’s toys, or even laxatives will be priced high just because they are pink. Things like These should be priced the same as anything else just because it’s a different color. All this is gendered-base pricing, and the mens products always seem to be lower than women’s products. 

You can buy a can of shaving cream, same brand, some everything but the packing color. but for some reason the pink bottle will cost more. It’s a way for companies to get a little more money just by packaging; the product won’t be any different. They still will price the product higher than the other bottle of shaving cream because it’s targeted to women.

Healthline says that “other than their packaging color, the products look exactly the same.”

What that source is saying is that you can get the exact same thing but the packing will have something targeted to women. So the companies will price the item high. 

Companies put something on their packaging to target women so the companies can make more money off of that product vs the one without anything that they have tried to target to women. 

The cost may not seem like a big deal at the beginning, but it can all add up says that women can spend about $1,300 a year on pink tax

Women pay more than men for the same product 42% of the time men pay more 18% and only 40% of products are equal.

People don’t realize how much women spend more than men on a year for the same exact products.

It can help the economy because companies are making more money this way

It helps the companies make more money if they target profits towards women and make them pay more therefore if comipems are making more money that will be helping the economy. 

Companies should price everything the same and fairly. If a product needs to be priced higher it shouldn’t be just for women.

Gender-based pricing can happen with over 300 things that we don’t even think about, we need to start to start pricing things fairly and stop letting companies get away with these things to just get a few more dollars in their pocket.