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Located 4141 Pole Line Rd, Pocatello, ID 83201

Pizza Pie Cafe's pizza buffet. So many to choose from.

Pizza Pie Cafe’s pizza buffet. So many to choose from.

Quanesha Williams, Reporter

It may look like your average neighborhood pizza joint, but Pizza Pie Cafe is anything but!

I wandered in with a party of three on a Wednesday night for dinner. We were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of baking pizza. The place was filling up quickly, but we managed to snag a table.

I picked up two slices of chicken ranch pizza and some garlic knots. The garlic knots were little bombs of buttery, yeasty goodness, and the garlic was robust but not overpowering. My expectations continued to be exceeded when I ate my pizza.

The crust was crisp, flavorful, and chewy. The toppings worked together beautifully. The ranch base was packed with flavor, and the mozarella had a great consistency and very little oil.

When my plate was empty I walked back to check out their pasta bar. They had many noodles to choose from with a variety of sauces. The kind teenage boy asked if I wanted a half or full cup of noodles. They didn’t take long at all to cook, no more than a minute. He served them on a plate for me, I was able to apply my own sauce.

The alfredo sauce was rich in taste, and not to thick. It melted in my mouth, I think they could have added more cheese to the mix. The noodles were light and springy, with the perfect amount of butter.

I was almost full. I had to safe some room for dessert though. I managed to swipe the last piece of oreo crumb pizza and a slice of cookie dough. The oreo crumb one was so sweet, it made my tooth ache. I wasn’t able to finish the full slice.

To finish off my meal I made myself a salad. Their salad bar was stunning! There were fresh vegetables and many different salad base to choose from. I got an all green salad with olives, ham, cucumbers, and ranch. It tasted very earthly and herbal.

By the end of the meal we were planning our next visit. This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night.