Aunt Jemima likes food too

Uncle ben will be discussed later


Kenadi Austin

I think that the black lives matter movement is a great movement, but some people are going about it in all the wrong ways. Burning people’s businesses and being brutal is not what the movement should be about. It should be peaceful. I think at this point anything that has to do with race is racist, but that just is not the case. There are different races in this world and all races are diverse. We all have different cultures and attributes and are all equally great. To not mention any other race would be racist, but when other races get a mention (in any good, honorable way) it is now wrong?

They are getting rid of the brand Aunt Jemima’ because now it is starting to upset people. Why now? If it was a white lady on the front no one would have said anything. Some people say that since it is an African American lady on the front with a hair rap it is racist, but how.

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