The running Walking Taco Issue

This is a deep inside look at the Walking Taco Issue and our school's opinion on it.


Cameron Norton, Savannah Hirsch, and Jordan Iverson

To witness anthropomorphic tacos or not to witness anthropomorphic tacos, that is the question. Alright, I’ll be blunt, I have about 50 walking taco puns, but I don’t really think that’s gonna get me the best of grades on this assignment, so lettuce just get to the point. What are walking tacos? I’m not too sure myself, so let’s take a step back and read what these fellow Rams have to say.

While introvert me was typing out the article, Jordan and Savannah were roaming the halls to see exactly what Highland really thought about the issue. In an interview with a student who was totally not skipping class, we asked him what he thought about the whole issue. He was quoted as saying “Um… it’s okay, I guess. I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but I gotta get to class.” After our brief discussion, the student went to a class that was apparently taking place in the parking lot? Like I said, definitely not skipping. After being asked how she thought the Walking Taco Issue could affect her, another student said that she “wasn’t really concerned” and that she “didn’t care”.

It is almost disturbing to see how little the school’s students know or care about the issue. It almost seems like Highland believes it’s not actually an issue. The cafeteria workers were suspiciously secretive about the issue, and acted like it was taboo. They simply laughed at our questions, and asked us if we were going to get food or not. I’m personally shook by this, as it was something about the way they said it, as if they didn’t care, as if they weren’t directly involved with the issue.

I honestly hope that this issue has shed some light on the Walking Taco Issue. This has gone from a simple assignment to something so much more. This has me really disturbed, and I’m not sure what exactly is happening at this school. It’s strange, to say the least, and I’m not sure if I’ll live to see this published. If I do go missing, you might want to check the meat of your walking tacos…