The process to a Ram Scholarship

0.3% of students receive a scholarship each year.

Ashlee Smith, Kayt Godfrey, and Wyatt Hancock

A lot of people who are wanting scholarships don’t know the steps or how to get one. It’s essential to keep grades up, have enough credits, and have a high GPA.  If you are going to college or thinking about your future, you should consider applying for a Ram Scholarship. To have a better chance at getting a scholarship you can join clubs such as the National Honors Society and Key Club.

According to Kathryn Flynn, a content director, it costs around $42,419 for college without a scholarship. If you applied for a scholarship, that would mostly be taken care of. As far as the starting process for a Ram Scholarship you want to talk to Amanda Blair, the college career adviser (CCA) in room C36. Only around 20,000 people get scholarships a year. It isn’t as easy as some people make it seem.

If you are going to ISU, you can use their scholarship system known as B.O.S.S. (Bengal Online Scholarship System). Go to to apply. If you get a scholarship, you will receive a letter letting you know you were accepted.

As far as athletic scholarships go, you don’t apply for them. If you qualify for one, you will be talked to by your coach. So if anyone is seeking an athletic scholarship, all you need to do is keep up with grades and have enough credits. “Very small percentage of high school athletes go on to get college scholarships, especially division 1 level,” said Camille Long, a track coach. She says only around 2% of students a year get athletic scholarships. Most athletes who have received a scholarship believe it is extremely difficult to get. The costa of an average athletic scholarship is around $10,400. That is a full-ride scholarship, but excluding football and basketball, it’s $8,700.

If you’re wanting a scholarship work hard and never give up because it’s worth it.