Do not struggle, get tutored

The struggle won't be real with tutoring!


Kimberly Miler and Sophie Gagnon

Many students here at Highland are in need of some sort of help, because they have failing grades. A lot of students do not even know about our tutoring system here at Highland. The tutoring program here is held after school by a few teachers who help with different subjects. Ms. Fleischmann in B4 and Mr. Sullivan in B74 assist with general subjects, Ms. Holston in B15 helps out with English and Mr. Blair in B69 with Math. Students at Highland could also use tutoring to their advantage, even if they aren’t failing. They can use it to improve their grades as much as they can and strive to get an A. Getting as high of grades as possible in high school is very important. They can really impact your future and effect your chances at college. Getting good grades in high school is just the best option, and tutoring can help with that!

To show the positive effects of tutoring, we interviewed many students including Carolyn Miller, a Junior who has taken tutoring in the past. She responded by saying, “I was able to get one-on-one help so I felt comfortable asking more questions without fear of being judged by the other students even though some of them most likely had questions as well. But the difference is that I took tutoring and could ask as many questions as needed.”As explained, tutoring can help you greatly but at what point should you consider it? Aaron Gridley, sophomore, said that you don’t have to be failing exactly to need tutoring. He believes if you begin to realize you are not understanding a certain subject then you should consider going to tutoring where teachers can help you face to face. Of course, not everyone has the time to go to tutoring because of sports or other after school activities. Tyler DaBell, a player on the Freshman Football Team, stated his plan if he were to take tutoring would be to “Prioritize my time or I can sleep when I’m dead.”

You’ve seen how tutoring helps you and improves your education, but you also read of how it could be hard to fit with such a busy schedule especially when you would like to sleep before you’re dead. Here’s the good news, tutoring is not everyday and you can stay for as long or short as you want! Tutoring is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 and as mentioned, you can go to different teachers for specific subjects. If you know you’re struggling and need to get back on that “horse of success” start attending tutoring and see how it can help you in so many ways!

Now that you know what tutoring is all about, well you are probably wondering what the steps that follow tutoring are. The first step is realizing you need to improve your grade(s), second step is to find out if you are available when tutoring is going on. And lastly, the third step is simple, go to tutoring! Easy as that, don’t be afraid to ask questions and stay for the whole time. Tutoring is not a detention that is used for punishment, it is a tool that is there for your benefit. If you need to, feel free to schedule a time to meet with your own teacher(s) and discuss your work with them.