Consider Joining FFA

Full of real life situation, and a push on the right track to a successful future!

This is the original FFA logo.

This is the original FFA logo.

Quanesha Williams, Reporter

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) club is full of real life situations. Allissa Waddoups, Last years vice president, states “All of the competitions that FFA goes through are all based on real life.” She explains how students are alway complaining ‘I wish we learned real life situations in school’, “Many of them don’t know about FFA. It takes classes from inside your school and takes them to the real life level.” 

Mrs. Erin Hatch hatch just recently became a leader for a FFA veterinary science team. “I took two teams to competition and they both placed in the top 15 out of 65!” She explains how they place you individually and as a team. A few of her individuals placed in the top ten. “We did really good, considering we have never gone before.”

Waddoups described one of the advisers, Mr. Jack Garrett, as a ‘Crack Head’ meaning he is hilarious and fun. “He is the best teacher here! I love him!” He keeps you entertained and pushes you to want to learn. “He really takes the time to sit with you personally to find out what your goals are, he will help you achieve them.” His main in FFA is welding. “If you are interested, his room is down ‘D’ hallway. You can meet up with him to sign up.” 

“My most memorable moment would be showing a goat my freshman year and making 12 hundred dollars,” Waddoups said. “Showing animals is my favorite. I want to go into veterinary science, so I take more of the animal side of it.” She explains how FFA gives out scholarships, “The FFA gives out millions of dollars of scholarships every year.” 

This year might be a little different due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Mrs. Hatch is unsure at the moment of how things will play out. She feels that there will be fewer competitions “And the ones we do have will probably be online.” This might be a difficult challenge, “This makes things a little more difficult, especially for veterinarians.”

“Anybody that wants to go into owning a business. Businesses are really good for it because it teaches a lot of the skills and responsibilities you need to own a business. Anything  agriculturally related, like feed, animals, insurance. If you are interested in going into that, leaving High School you should join,” Waddoups stated.