RamFam figures out the new normal

RamFam vs Covid


Phoenix Larsen

Phoenix Larsen and Natalie Lyons

Aidan Merrill, Reporter

I think we could all say that this school year has been anything but normal. It has really affected all of us, teachers and students. But how has Highland changed?

I started off by asking students if they enjoyed coming to school more or less since last year. Most of them said they enjoyed it less and here’s why.

Phoenix Larsen ’23 says, “School has been less fun. Before we had such fun assemblies and stuff. But now we have only done one for the black and blue bowl.”  These are just the precautions we have to take to keep school safe, but now it’s a lot more work then it was before. Students think we should find a way to make school fun again, a long with all the work we have to do.

When asked if she worked harder in school or hybrid Brookelyn Benedetti said, “School because hybrid is weird, it’s difficult to go from school and home. It’s really confusing sometimes. I’m less motivated because there is a lot more work and I had a better work ethic when I was at school.”

This is the same case for most students, however we all make the best of it. Highland did a good job at finding a balance between school and fun, and we just need to find that again in safe way!