The struggles of hybrid-Teacher edition

A visit with faculty and administration

Mr. Colonel poses for a picture after sharing his side of the story with the Hybrid Schedule

Mr. Colonel poses for a picture after sharing his side of the story with the Hybrid Schedule

We tend to forget that it isn’t just us students going through this, teachers are going through it too. They have been working even harder even. Teachers have been doubling their hours at school, and doubling their classes. 

“I know that I have worked twice as hard and twice as long through this hybrid schedule,” said Mrs. Ann Roberts during an interview. Even though the classes are smaller and you have more time to focus on the kids in school, you still have kids outside of school who are in need of the teachers help also. 

“Far as the teachers are concerned, I think the hardship for them is the fact that they are trying to provide stuff online for the kids that aren’t in school and still do instruction for kids during the day.” Mr. Steve Morton, the assistant principal, said. 

Because of the off times of when students are working, teachers have a hard time reaching out to their teachers because the teachers are also trying to teach their other students as well. 

““I’m checking in with them a lot I think, and I try to make sure that the information I give them is clear. I have also been cutting out a lot of the fluff, so I give them the main things and remove the busy work…. I hope it’s working, I don’t know.” Mrs. Roberts said. 

Mrs. Roberts has been trying super hard to cut out extra work and focus on the main stuff her students are learning,

So the teachers have been putting in all this work, but students are failing to engage at home. It’s hard for a teacher to

do their job if the students don’t do theirs. 

“Obviously, it’s a little different, but your mind set has to be a little more positive; come to work everyday; knowing your classroom sizes are half the size they usually are,” said Mr. Christian Colonel. 

This is all so crazy for everyone and no one has gone through something like this in their lifetimes, but teachers are making the most out of it. They are working very hard for our students education and making it possible for us to stay in school. And we applaud you teachers for that.