Lassies bring it home

Focus on some dancers


Kaylee Moore and Elizabeth Leishman

El Leishman, a freshman in Lassies, has always loved dance. She has been dancing since the age of 4, and  took ballet classes from ages 4 to 6. As a child Leishman participated in tiquando and gymnastics when she was 7 and 8. She believes that kids should be productive and do the things they love to stay healthy.“I try to stay healthy and fit by working out and eating a balanced diet, altho a little chocolate never hurts anybody.”  

Tarisa Bibbe, this year’s new dance coach says”I have wanted to coach at HHS, because there is so much tradition, and I want to bring it back to the student body.” Bibbe has been coaching for 18 years and was teaching choreography to dancers before high school.”It’s so exciting to be back at my former high school where my love for dance and performing began. Coaching has always been my passion.” 

Kambree Walt lassies dancer has been dancing from age 3 and has always enjoyed expiring herself through dance. Her least favorite part of the season is the months leading up to competition, it is stressful, but she enjoys participating in the competitions. “I love going to the competitions and being with the girls.”