Girls junior varsity-A Finishes Season almost undefeated

After one loss, the team went undefeated by working hard and having fun.


Brynlee Fehringer

Girls Junior Varsity Soccer players pose for a picture on October 9th, 2020 at Old Butte Park.

Brynlee Fegringer, Ayva Krosch, and Ashley Bigelow

Our Girls JV Soccer (A team) fought their way to an almost perfect season.  

¨The team voted for two captains¨ and considered athletes with overall skill and inspiration.

Their captains, Kiki Baldwin and Teagan McCulloch, led this team to many victories. 

These girls did it by being encouraging and staying positive while also informing the other players what may need to be worked on. 

But, just like everyone else, their time and season together has been very different from past ones. 

Ayva Krosch says ¨we have to wear masks on the bench.¨

Because of Covid-19, school sports are making further precautions to keep athletes and spectators safe. 

¨There are less practices and interactions with the other teams,¨ Oakley Homer tells us. 

High school sports are much different than community sports so some players are adjusting to the fast change. 

These girls also have had some great memories with their teammates this past season. 

Homer states that hanging out with her team before and after games is one of the most memorable moments. 

This team is so close and they enjoy each other’s company so much. 

 ¨Definitely after PKs (penalty kicks) when we are huddled together and cheering with each other,¨ Krosch says. 

These moments are special for their team and always are fun to look back at. 

Practices consist of ¨a lot of passing and scrimmage.¨

Their coach, Taryn Sorrell, encourages her athletes to play their hardest no matter what their W-L record is. 

Sorrell also knows that her entire JV team has lots of talent and that every player has the ability to play at the next level.

She even thinks that D2 or D3 players could come out of this team. 

If the team could redo one game it would be ¨our first game because it’s’s the only one we didn’t win, but tied.¨

This Girls Junior Varsity team is really special and worked very hard for the successful season they had.