Come down to Amazing Glaze Donuts

Amazing Glaze Donuts is a nice little shop where you can buy many things including donuts.


You can sit down and enjoy a donut at Amazing Glaze.

Brynn Hillary, Reporter

When I went down to Amazing Glaze Donuts I had a very enjoyable experience with both the people that served me and my delicious treat.

To rate my experience out of five I would give Amazing Glaze a five out of five.

When you first get in you may have to wait in a line for a little, but once you get to the front they direct their attention to serving you.

There is a wide variety of what you can get as far as donuts go, often I can never make as decision as to which donut I should buy.

Along with donuts Amazing Glaze also sells cinnamon rolls and donut holes.

The restaurant is a very casual store, people can be seen walking in with pajamas or leisure clothes.

With having said that many people come in during the early mornings because the store isn’t open for a the whole day.

The donut shops hours during the weekday are six am to five pm and it is closed on Mondays. On Saturdays it is open from six am to two pm and is closed on Sundays.

As far as seating goes there are not too many options.

The dining space is small, but never very crowded because not many customers sit down and eat their donuts.

When you are a business that serves people who are often on the go you need to have fast service so that people aren’t waiting so long to get a their food.

Amazing Glaze usually has very fast service other than the times that there is a large rush of people.

The shop is usually it’s busiest around ten in the morning.

Another expectation for a business such as Amazing Glaze would be quality of food. For me this business went above and beyond the mark.

The donuts are made with potatoes that give the pastry a light a springy texture that is hard to find.

In addition to the sweet treats they also sell coffee and other beverages.

The people working in this section know what their doing, they drinks always come out delicious.

My final expectation is friendly staff. For me I am never disappointed when it comes to friendly employees.

You may find yourself having a pleasant conversation with the person serving you.

Amazing Glaze Donuts is located on 215 E Cedar St suite b.

I fully recommend coming down and getting something from Amazing Glaze. You will not be disappointed.