One of the best clubs to join…

The gaming club hosted by the best teacher: Mr. Sanford


Link Ritter, Reporter

 Skyler’s job is to help the teacher maintain the class and also has the option of helping the teacher carry food to the class, but also to make sure the class doesn’t get too loud after school and  they’re not running around.

Since Skyler has been there so long and has made great friends with Mr. Sanford by playing magic cards a lot with him after school, they have created a great friendship so he has been nominated to “top of the class” (that’s a joke).

This club doesn’t set a lot of accomplishments for themselves because it’s just supposed to be a club to have fun and create friendships.

In this club there hasn’t been much going on yet this year, because Sanford couldn’t let people come in due to social distancing, but he did just open it up.

Every time the club gathers, the build memories.

This club is meant to be a hang out area where kids can go in and play video games and where others can chat or eat and also play board games.

If you like to get together and play games, this club is for you.  Everyone is so nice and just very cool lo hang out with and you’ll get attached to the group very quickly.