Students split on hybrid or in person education

What’s your preference – Hybrid or in person learning?

Abbie Summers, reporter

As Covid-19 continues its vast spread across the nation it is our responsibility to keep our family and friends safe from this awful virus. Wearing masks, social distancing, hybrid learning, Cleansing, Etc.

Knowing all of this schools are required to have hybrid learning and in person learning. Meaning students with the last name A-N go on A day students with the last name M-Z go on B days.

This leading to students going to school twice a week and staying home for the rest of the week for hybrid learning.

As many of you know Highland is know for there sports teams, We have been believed to be one of the best sports leading schools in Idaho. Students at Highland High School are proud to call Highland home knowing we have a great reputation.

  1. Hybrid gives the students a chance to work on there own schedule
  2. Gives students more time to do the work amount required for class
  3. Makes it easier for students to get the education needed
  4. Gives the students opportunities to take breaks between assignments
  5. Give parents to ability to not have to drive their kids to school

As we watch the school year go on and the covid outbreak grow larger we have decided to ask our students what they prefer in there education and which they like better, And which is more effective.

Asking theses students about their opinions on this 2020 school year, and Which they think is better for their education? This is what they had to say.

As I ask the students which they prefer, I thought I would also ask them what their opinions would be if we went completely into hybrid learning, Or completely in person learning. Or if they like it the way it is split between the two.

“I like doing what we are doing right now, But I would like to go to school with my friends since most of them go on B days and I go on A days, But I like being online. If I could choose between Hybrid and In person learning I would choose Hybrid Because I can work on my own schedule and I can do my work at my own pace,” Kiefer Huft said

“I like coming to school, for a few reasons, One of my favorite reasons is because I enjoy spending time with my friends and I enjoy roaming the halls at lunch meeting new friends. However if i was able to choose between hybrid and in person learning, I would have to say doing hybrid would be easier for me, For a few reasons, one being I can work on my own schedule and I can’t work at my own pace. I’ll be able to take breaks instead of sitting in class all day bored,and I would be able to have more time to work on assignments” Says Addison Summers

“I prefer hybrid because I honestly feel better about my work when I have more time to do it, If I was to choose which I would prefer I would prefer hybrid for the same reason,” Desiree Robinson said.