Family Community and Career Leader of America (FCCLA)

Students are considering joining FCCLA


Shyanne Strength

FCCLA advisor, Mrs. Jenkins poses for a photo in her natural habitat: her cooking classroom.

Shyanne Strength, Reporter

FCCLA is a club here at Highland and many other schools throughout Idaho and the country focused on preparing students for their futures. Mrs. Jenkins is the advisor of the club.

“She just tells us to get it done and just do what we are supposed to to get it done before it’s the day before,” Brooke Smith, a sophomore, said. She also states that she joined because her dad “is doing the same thing at Poky and he wanted me to join.”

In the words of Jenkins, FCCLA is “a student led leadership organization that focuses on bringing the family closer together.”

Smith has been doing FCCLA since her freshman year and competed in sports nutrition. Because of COVID-19, state competitions were canceled and she says she wanted to go, it “would have been so fun.”

Jenkins says, “At this point we are planning on a face to face state as long as everything is figured out by that point.”

Emma Mulkay is one of the many students contemplating joining the club. “My family goes out of town a lot so I didn’t know if I could do it,” she states. Mulkay also notes that she wants to join so she can have it on her college applications in the future, and to have fun. 

The idea of competing makes her a bit anxious, but she says she “should get over it.” Isa Van Pelt, another student who is thinking about becoming a part of the FCCLA family, on the other hand, when asked if she was nervous or anxious to compete replied, “Oh for sure.”

Van Pelt says the main thing holding her back from joining is “the money.” FCCLA does charge $20 for affiliation and $70 extra for state and competition fees. This money pays for all hotel, bussing and competitions, as well as a day at the park, Wahooz up in Boise. 

If you make it to nationals, you will have to find more money than that. Which you can go to local businesses for by asking them to sponsor you, as well as fundraising. 

This year, national competition will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. The students that make it will be going to Dollywood while they are there. 

Van Pelt also says that if she decided to join she believes it will be a great experience. She loves the club advisor, and states that “she is so sweet.”

If Mulkay decides to join, she will be competing in the fashion feature of it. She stated that she plans to make sweatpants to present to the judges. 

Smith, Van Pelt, and Mulkay all agree that their peers in the club are great, as well as Mrs. Jenkins.