Paradise on Earth TV show worth the watch

A place where you either have two houses, or two jobs.


to the left is John B and two the right is J.J.

This tv show is a mix of mystery, romance, adventure, and comic.

They live in a place called outer banks, in this town you either have two jobs or two houses.

This series is mostly about teenagers who live on the ocean coast. In most places, there is some sort of natural grouping or gangs if you will.

The Outer Banks is no different. You are either a kook or a pogue.

The kooks are the higher class people, you know the ones with two houses.

Pogues are the working class, who have to work for everything they have and usually don’t have money to spare.

The main character is a pogue named John B and his friends.

John B’s dad recently disappeared without a trace and his mom left a while back.

He’s been living on his own and searching for clues.

Before the dad disappeared he was looking for lost treasure, everyone told him it was a myth.

John B wants to finish the dad’s quest.

Now if that doesn’t sound confusing enough, he isn’t the only one with problems.

Each one of his friends has a problem they have to deal with as well, other than the rich girl Sara. They thought.

After Sara and John B start to have sparks of romance it all goes downhill from there, and it’s just the beginning of their journey.

I really enjoyed this show, because it had something in it that was unique.

Throughout this entire show, the power is out, because of a hurricane.

No one had a phone with them either. The fact that they were all unplugged from the internet made the show so much better.

We wanted other people’s points of view on this show though as well.

When asked who their favorite character is they usually say J.J. or John B.

Not only are the two of them funny, but they are also very attractive to most people.

This show seems to be pretty popular among teens, so because of the talk going around it caused more people to watch it.

Everyone we talked to liked the show.

Some didn’t like the cliff hanger it ended on.

Some liked the thrill of the end and the mystery yet to come.

Overall it was a good show to watch and kept you on your toes.

It moves a little quicker than other movies, so there is no waiting for the show to get started.

In the beginning, it may be a little confusing to keep track of the characters.