Drama club prepares to preform Alice in Wonderland in October

This year the Drama club will performing the play Alice in Wonderland and everyone should come and see it.


As the students get ready to perform the musical they must first think about dressing the stage.

Brynn Hillary and Katelyn Atkinson

This October drama club decided to put on the play Alice in Wonderland.

The performance will be held in our very own auditorium.

As this is a family play everyone is invited to come and see it.

Many of the presidency for the drama club are apart of the cast, the members are: Sean Phinney, as president, Jade Stead as vice president, Sully Brinhall as outreach, Maddie Schey as historian, Jordan Mayo as secretary and McKinley Spitzer as treasurer.

The jobs of the presidency are to plan parties, run auditions, get others to join the club, advertise and help to create a theme for the program every year.

The teacher running the club would be Mr. Van Noy, who often helps the students grow by giving constructive criticism and many means of quieting the club members as in shush shush, let’s continue.

As far as the goals of the club, they are most focused on expanding the program; the more people that join, the more likely they are to win.

Although they have many goals for competition some of the most memorable moments spending time in drama club can be found in during shows.

When the members of the drama club look back they can think of all the crazy mess ups on lines and the silly mistakes they made.

In addition the club has many moments where they get to just hangout together and get to know each other.

If you are looking for a close knit group, drama club is the group for you.

When you belong to this club you from relationships that feel almost like family, the friends you make in drama club may feel like a long lasting connection.

In addition to a long lasting connection you can learn skills and grow your ability to act.

For anyone that likes to act and sing drama club is the club for you.

Even if you aren’t perfect at singing no worries Mr. Van Noy has classes available for people who want to grow their skills.

Last year there was only four available classes, but this year that number has doubled and now there is eight.

Mr. Van Noy has many phrases that you may encounter when you have a unique personality.

Many people will just wanna sing show tunes with you.