Domino’s Has Delicious Pizza

5 out of 5 stars


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Domino’s Pizza Logo

Trevor McCarthy, Reporter

Pizza is a delicious Italian pastry.

Domino’s makes delicious pizza they have a great variety of pizzas. They also have great delivery services.

They are great at being on time.

There delivery people are very friendly.

It is great that they make the pizza for you.

people who like food would be the most likely to use this service.

My expectation for this product are: They make delicious pizza, They cook the pizza and that they deliver on time.

They do make delicious pizza.

They always cook their pizza and their deliveries are on time more often then they are not.

Someone could access this service by going to Domino’s online website which you can order on.

You should invest time/money into this because their pizza is delicious.