Yearbook and how they work

Aidan Merrill and Abbie Summers

We are all in it, we all know of it and know someone is putting it all together for us, but do we really know how yearbook works?

The club works together to make our yearbook look as interesting as possible. The club’s roles and leaders are fulfilled by Faith Duncan editor and chief, Abby Page managing editor, Briley Anderson Managing Editor, Sports Editor and Photography Editor, Jaylee Crum Ads Editor, Payson Lucero Clubs Editor, Brooklyn Dayley People Editor, Evelynn Millward Student Life Editor, Esmeralda Herrera-Avalos Assistant Student Life Editor, June Johnson Sports Editor. 

They all have different tasks and assignments in the club, but their goal is the same, to create the best yearbook possible. Team members say, this year is different because of Covid. There is not as many sports teams to report on, but they are still doing their best!

The club says the most memorable moments would just be all the moments they spend together while working. Taking fun pictures, being able to edit them and talking about their day. Mrs. Greco,  the club advisor says that the students that have the most potential to move forward in what they do are Faith Duncan ’21 and Abby Page ’22. Faith has potential in photography and design and Abby has potential in photography.

To be a part of yearbook, you need to be dedicated, creative and responsible. Yearbook does so much for our school, they create and work on the book that we will keep throughout our adult years to remember now. “Yearbook means a lot to me. It collects the best memories from the year and I want to look back on them when i’m an adult, ” Student Chloe scott says.  Kaylen Hay says, “I get a yearbook because I like looking at the pictures and going through them, it’s fun.”

We think yearbooks are important to have, mainly because you want to remember the best parts of your school years and they make that possible for you.  “If I was a student I would buy  one for memories. I bought one all of highschool,” Mrs. Hatch says.

Yearbook is a great club to be apart of if you are, productive, creative and looking to have fun and do work.

Abby Page ’21, Managing Editor, sits by the lake at the Portneuf Wellness Center.
Faith Duncan ’21, Editor in Chief, participates in a photo shoot with other yearbook editors before the school year starts. (Debbie Greco)