Mr. Sanfords Fantastic Anime Club

Anyone’s welcome


Link Ritter, Reporter

The leader or head person of anime club this year and the year before that is no one other than Skyler South..!

The job for him in this after school activity is to look for and to scout out new animes to watch and to make sure to check and see if they are suitable for the club.

This club is manly used for people to just have a good time and to get away from the world in a way to enjoy and not worry about things for the time being and to remember to sorta sit back and relax.

At this time, sadly Mr. Sanford can’t open up his anime club at the moment do to the covid, but he is trying his best to most likely open it up for next trimester, and something that will be changing in that club is going to be the time it will be placed, which will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In this club they haven’t had to much really happen to call a “memorable moment,” but in Mr. Stanford’s club he says that anime club has its OWN moments.

In this club since it’s only really about watching anime Sanford doesn’t really have anything special to say to people when them come in except for be the jolly guy he usually is.

I think the best part besides watching anime itself is hanging out with the people there and having a good time eating and just chatting sometimes.

If you were to ask how the teams personality was like I would say that they are just some laid back weebs and they have one of the BEST teachers for this amazing club.