Netflix’s new movie was a hit or miss

Netflix has a new Adam Sandler movie. 

Jessey Gray, Reporter

This new Adam Sandler movie wasn’t the best one he’s ever made.

I liked the movie but it wasn’t my favorite. There were many things I think could have been better.

This movie was appropriate for ages 13 and up, it’s rated PG-13 so that makes sense. I think it would be funnier for younger people to watch, but everyone has their own sense of humor.

Adam Sandler plays a man living with his mom, in the town of Salem. Hubie (Adam’s character) is overprotective about the safety of others on Halloween night.

He’s not the smartest person, but he’s caring enough for the whole town. Hubie has a speech impediment, and the people in Salem make fun of him for it, and have done it his whole life. On Halloween night many people play tricks on Hubie, while he is trying to solve a real mystery, with a big twist in the end.

When I watch a movie I look for the humor in it. This movie didn’t hit that expectation enough for me. It was funny but not gut-busting funny.

Another thing is the chemistry between actors. And this movie had a lot of the same people in it as in other Adam Sandler movies. So you know by watching it that they had fun and work well together. The last thing I look for is the plot line. This movie had one, but it could have been a lot stronger, and a lot funnier to me. The plot line seemed all over the place for me.

So Hubie Halloween was alright, but not the best movie I’ve seen. It could have been funnier with a stronger plot line. I probably won’t be watching it every October, but I would watch it again.