Orchestra makes things work with very odd circumstances

The students are trying their hardest to become the musicians they aspire to be



One of the many instruments that is used in the orchestra is a violin.

Brynlee Fegringer, Ashley Bigelow, and Ayva Krosch

This year has been different for every student but the orchestra is pulling through. 

Joseph said that there are ¨no performances because of Covid-19.¨

Gathering in larger groups has not been suggested for everyone’s safety.

Another orchestra student stated that this year has been very unique. 

This group is normally very reliant on hearing each other play. 

¨Only half of the orchestra is in the room,¨ Carver Budge tells us. 

Normally, the students are grouped together with their own sections but they are now separated for safety precautions. 

Not only are the students separated, but there are only half of them due to the new A and B day schedule.

¨On A day, there are no violas,¨”Joseph said. 

But, the leaders are carving out the way.

The leaders of this group are mostly seniors or have the ones that have the most seniority with their instrument. 

These people lead their own sections and keep the group in check. 

A few students explained their favorite moment in this class and one said that ¨last Thursday we played all of our songs.¨

Another stated that ¨There was no teacher one day. We messed around and had fun.¨ 

The orchestra teacher, Mrs. Boese, also spoke about her class. 

Some of her goals for this year is to ¨stay alive, sane, and make wonderful music.¨

These words could not have been spoken better. 

The students who have the most potential are ¨the students who work the hardest.¨ 

The orchestra appeals to everybody that wants to learn. 

Overall, these kids are good at what they do and more importantly they enjoy it.