Band adjusts to changes this year

What is band up to this year?

Ashley Abram and Jenna Riley

Band performing at homecoming. (Briley Anderson)

This year has been different from band all other years.

Naomi Hewett says, “We didn’t have spring camp and we have missed competitions that are out of state. We wear masks on the bus and while we are waiting, but not when we are playing.”

She is in marching band and has had to make some changes to play while Corona is going on.

Kendrick Chambers says “We have to wear masks, while we are playing our instruments.”  He is in concert band and they have to wear masks and it can sometimes be difficult. 

Although there has been some downfalls, band has still had memorable times. Last year they had a great season even though we were doing good.

Everyone wanted to grow, improve and  bond as a band class. Mr. Wilson lost his grandpa last season and the team was really supportive and always tried to cheer him up.

A big part of band is the band fam. Mr. Wilson says “We call it the band family because we are so close.” They do lots of activities together as a band fam.

Top 5 ways to avoid getting sick at school 
  • Wear a mask when your in public
  • Try to social distance
  • Wash your hands 
  • Don’t have contact with people outside of your house
  • Quarantine yourself if you feel sick

Kendrick Chambers says “We have worked really good together in getting ready for our concerts.” 

“I try to keep it fun and welcoming. I try to get to know everyone’s name well because that makes a big difference.” Mr. Wilson says.

Band is a fun and memorable time for everyone. You learn lots of skills that will help you later in life. Especially leadership skills. Band is always welcoming new people, so if your interested don’t hesitate!