Debate Club returns from successful national tournament

News about debate!


Mercedes Frey and Alyssa Funk

The debate club competes in speech and debate tournaments throughout the year.

The team finished in the top 20 schools in the nation this summer and are looking to keep the winning streak moving forward.

The Debate Club advisers are Coach Jett Smith and Ms. Debbie Greco (room C44).

The team leadership has not been set yet, but they are hoping to fill those position shortly.

The things that make this year unique for the debate club is that they have split coaches between Jett Smith and Debbie Greco and they do a lot of tournaments online due to Covid 19.

The first practice was memorable because everyone was excited and ready and they got to know each other better and Coach Smith got to know the students better.

Coach Smith personally uses commitment and passion to lead his club and get everyone ready and used to things.

The coach believes the club has tons of potential for nationals again this year.

As they get started for the year they will begin making concrete goals for the team.

They enjoy arguing, speaking, and spending time together a lot.