Cross country races to the finish line


Leif Sirman

Haley Sirman ’21 rounds the corner.

Elizabeth Leishman and Kaylee Moore

Cross country recently competed at the cardinal classic race, held at Soda Springs. 

Highland cross country runner Jacob Van Orden. Van Orden is a  junior with a PR (personal record) of 15.45 for this race.

Van Orden prepares himself by resting well, eating healthy, and having fun before a race.

The girls team did really well the coach said.

“Run fast, turn right” Jacob Van Orden said.

Haley sirman said, ¨A quote that the coaches use on the team is ¨What is fear, and how do I train it?¨

Both girls and boys teams are strong this year.

Their goal is to make it to state as a team.

They are working hard to do well in the state.

Their coaches Douglas Hopster and Mark Van Orden are letting the team lead while still “steering them in the right direction.”