Singing loud and Proud with Trouveres

Sing as loud and proud as you want.


Briley Anderson

2019-2020 Trouveres singers perform at last year’s cabaret..

Jessey Gray, Reporter

Trouveres is a very popular club, Bret Scherer says, “80 kids try out every year”.

Trouveres get to travel a lot, and sing all over. “We’ve performed in California, We’ve performed on piers at a beach, performed in malls, and in a garden,”  director Bret Scherer said.

They were going to go to DisneyLand last year, but because the coronavirus they weren’t able to, Trouvere member Sully Brimhall said.

Being in any extracurricular activity can be fun. But it is also a lot of work.

Scherer said, “What we’ve done in 5 weeks, we’ve been able to get 17 dances down.

Brimhall said, “You have to be able to understand that you have to give it your all, and never stop trying. Because once you stop then you’re behind the rest of the group.”

The presidents of this club are Aida Bagley and Keygen Satterfield.

There are several other leaders who are Cara Barlow, Millie Kissel, and Logan Brizzee.

Their job is to put together trips, help come up with ideas, and also choreograph and sing.

Brimhall said, “The job of the  team leaders is to basically keep the moral of the group. They also coordinate lots of the activities, come up with who the partnerships are.”

“This year for Trouveres hasn’t changed much, except we have to wear masks. We still meet every day because it’s an extracurricular as well,” Scherer said.

This club is fun, and it will expand your comfort zones. If Corona ever ends, you’ll get to travel with your friends. And sing as loudly and as Proudly all you want.