Varsity girls soccer is Ram strong this season

The team plays like a pandemic hasn’t wracked the world.


Debbie Graco

Grace Fisher rides the line of the soccer field waiting for the ball.

Audrey Herron and Kennedy Bailey

Grace Fisher rides the line of the soccer field waiting for the ball. (Debbie Graco)

Highland’s varsity girls soccer team has been ram strong all season. 

The varsity captain, Meghan Calley said, “Our season has been different from previous years due mainly to Covid-19. One reason is because we have to wear masks while on the bus heading to away games.”

Since they have to wear masks, it may have affected other team’s seasons, but not Highland’s.

“Our season has actually been really good. We’re 11-1, and 6-0 for districts,” Calley said.

That means that they have only lost one of their twelve games, and when playing for districts, they haven’t lost.

“If we had to redo any of our games, even though we lost one, I would probably want to redo a game where our defense was not as strong,” Calley said.

This shows that not every game is perfect, and that there’s always something you can fix for the next game.

“One of the most memorable moments of our season so far is when we chase our head coach, Korbie Vaughan around with any type of bug, because she’s deathly afraid of them,” Calley said.

When speaking of her head coach, Calley also said that her coach has a catchphrase that she uses.

“Her main catchphrase is Next Five. Next Five means that goals always happen in the first five minutes of the game, the last five minutes of the game, the next five minutes after a goal is scored, whether it’s you or the other team, and the next five minutes after the half.”

Not only is there Coach Vaughan to lead the team, there is Taryn Sorrell who coaches.

“As coaches we have to wear masks all the time, and the girls have to wear masks anytime they are not playing.” Sorrell commented. 

Not only do they have to wear masks, they have to take other precautions.

“After the game we don’t shake hands with the other team, normally at the end of the game you would go to the other team any shake everyones hand and say good game but we just give them a cheer and just clap for them.”

Even with the Coronavirus and the teams erring on the side of caution, their players have kept increasing.

“This is the first year we have had three teams for our soccer girls.”

Even with a lot of girls playing, they all do really well.

“There is a ton of talent on the varsity team this year, whether its junior college or NAI.”

The girls have come together and played hard and the girls that have had to step into those starting positions have done well. 

By: Kennedy Bailey, Audrey Herron