Which do people enjoy spending their time around most? Cats or dogs?

Abbie Summers, Reporter

Cats over dogs? Or dogs over cats? Which do you prefer?

“I’ve always been a cat person, I live with both cats and dogs, My cat is 15 years old, and my dog is 8 months old. My cat is old and grumpy. My dog is very playful”.  Says Kiefer Huft

“I say dogs are better companions because, They are better emotional support then any other animal in my opinion” Says Brandon Harris

“I think dogs are better companions because they give off more positive energy. And there alot more active” Says Addison Summers

“I think that cats are better because they aren’t as hyper, and the don’t require so much attention” Says Kasey Robinson

“I think cats because they are easier to take car of and they don’t require as much attention and they don’t cause as many problems” Says Tyler bureau

I think that dogs are better social companions because they have many more uses such as rescue dogs fire fighter dogs and service dogs, there to protect us when needed” Says (Me) Abbie Summers

From what it looks like DOgs are definitely more prefered by people theses days. Why is that the case tho? Are cats not as fun to be around? Are they grumpy? or are do dogs just require more attention at young ages and they cost more? So people tend to give more attention to the expensive things? Maybe, Maybe not I guess its up to you to decide which One you like more and why that is.