Is Highland High school, taking safety precautions? If so how?

Highland High School at their finest

Covid is spreading at a fast rate... Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Covid is spreading at a fast rate… Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Abbie Summers, Reporter

Highland High School at their finest.

Highland High School has taken extra safety precautions due to Covid-19 and they are requiring facial coverance before entering their building. They are taking extra safety measures by doing extra cleaning and wiping down tables, desks, chairs, door handles, and light switches before and after each class period.

As a freshman at Highland High School I can say that Highland High School has definitely taken this Covid-19 situation better then other schools/businesses.

They aren’t only focusing on the staffs safety but they are making sure our students are healthy and making sure we are in a safe place where we don’t have to worry about covid-19 spreading to them by just sitting down and their desks in their beginning and ending periods.

I think in my opinion Highland High School  has been keeping our students safer then they have in the past few years. Sure in the past they did the nightly cleaning and wiping down tables after a long day at school where grumpy moody teenagers were coughing and sneezing on the desks. instead this year they wipe things down a lot more frequently and they require masks.

I don’t only think this is helping prevent covid, I think it is preventing sickness overall and in my opinion if they did things the way there are doing things now then maybe covid wouldn’t have become such a big deal if our supplies in public displays were cleaner and got more attention payed to them then they do vs. how much attention and cleaning they get now a days with Covid-19 spreading at a fast pace