The Semantics of Volleyball

How they feel doing what they love


Mackenna Thayne playing in a game at Highland High School.

Kenadi Austin

Volleyball, like other sports, had a few differences to their season this year, but mostly the players said they worked extra hard.

They have had a lot of team bonding as well.

Corona has caused them to not get to see the Jv and freshman team as much but they have grown closer as a team. They also get along better than in other years.

Highland varsity volleyball has won 25 of their games and lost 6.

Starters switch depending on the game and who has been working the hardest, but most commonly it’s Mackenna Thayne, Autumn Thomson, Sydney Bang, Olivia Anderson, Saige Thomson, Mia Ackley, Kaylee Neilson.

The team captions are Mackenna Thayne, Autumn Thomson, Mackenna Armstrong. 

They were voted on by the rest of their team.

“ A team captain is someone the rest of the team trusts to lead the team. They must be a leader and figure out what they need to do to benefit their team most, and off the court,” said Mackenna Thayne(one of the captions.)

Olivia Anderson told me that her favorite game was Madison, they usually struggle with Madison but did exceptionally well. This was a big turning point for the team.

I talked with the head coach Kelsey Bystrom about who she thinks could play at the next level. “I like to think all of my players have the potential of playing at the next, it’s just a matter of if they are going to put in the effort it takes to achieve that or not.” She explained.

Kelsey also said, “I currently have 4 of my Seniors though that are working towards getting scouted. They are Mackenna Thayne, McKenna Armstrong, Kaylee Nielsen, and Autumn Thomson. These 4 have been working especially hard over the last 2 years at being disciplined on the little things of volleyball that separate them from being just “okay” players to being great players.” 

They have one new player, Marissa Mauger, on the team since last year. Olivia Anderson said that she is a great addition to their team and always lightens the mood.

This year the team has had a better attitude, most of the players agreed on that.

Olivia Anderson said their goal is getting to state, they are focusing on things they are bad at so they can improve. 

She also said they are having a really good season, because they work well as a team.

Olivia likes to spend time with her team, it is her favorite part of the season.

Mackenna Thayne told me, “Practices are very productive, we don’t have a second in practice to waste. We need to enjoy the time that we have to play because being a senior and not knowing if our season could be ended at any time is sketchy so we need to push ourselves while we can.” and she is right.

Our theme this year is “can’t stop the rise” they use this because Mount Everest elevation 12,029, a lot of people forget about the last 29 feet and just say 12,000 but this season we wanted to focus on our last 29 feet. Making sure we reach the very top as high as we can go… push yourself as high as you can go,” Mackenna explained to me.

One game that they would redo if they could is the game against Thunder Ridge.

It’s a team they feel they can beat and they didn’t play their best.