Yearbook keeps a history of the year

Is social distancing still a thing with the yearbook club this 2020-2021 school year?


Debbie Greco

Editor Abby Page works with staffer Aidan Merrill on a student life spread for the yearbook.

Abbie Summers, reporter

Yearbook, This 2020-2021 school year yearbook students are doing things a bit different due to Covid-19. While sports teams make adjustments, the yearbook staff must adjust as well. They need to get pre-approved to be on the sidelines of the games and matches since often fans are not allowed in, not even parents.

The Adviser, Ms. Debbie Greco, trains and advises the editors and staff members, to give them advice on what to do and ideas, However the “Advisor” doesn’t create the book, that is for the club members to do. The Adviser is mostly in charge of making sure the spreads are done by deadlines, and to make sure the work is done in the correct order.

The yearbook editors design and work on spreads, help train new staff members, and review and edit the work in the their section. Most years editors will attend a training camp in the summer, but this summer COVID eliminated that.  Editors and staffers interview students, take photographs of events, develop headlines and stories, and make sure that we have a well-designed book to tell the story of the year by year’s end.