Junior Civitan club works on this year’s service projects

Their current project is the “Socktober” sock drive

Junior Civitan is running this year’s “Socktober” project, where they are collecting new socks to donate.

Elise Wood

Junior Civitan is running this year’s “Socktober” project, where they are collecting new socks to donate.

Elise Wood, Reporter

The Junior Civitan club at Highland High School (HHS) is working to continue doing service this year, even through the pandemic, using methods such as fundraisers and other projects.

The Junior Civitan adviser is Candice Carlson, although “Junior Civitan is a student run organization, and we only have so much help from teachers,” Hailie Rasmussen, HHS Junior Civitan President, said. The club’s leadership positions are filled by Hailie Rasmussen, President; Emma Morrison, Vice President; Kenadi Austin, Secretary; Halle Garvin, Treasurer; Audrey Peterson, PR Coordinator; and Emilee Godfrey, Historian.

“As team leadership members, we are in charge of running Junior Civitan club as a whole,” said Rasmussen. Rasmussen has her own responsibilities as president. 

She explained that her job is to “bring everyone together, display all of their ideas, and help run, plan, and organize service projects in the school and community.”

This year, Junior Civitan has been working on their October project, Socktober. 

“We have done this project in the past and had great success with it!” Rasmussen said. 

Socktober will be running from October 12-30 this year and students can donate new socks by putting them in boxes in their first hours. 

“All donations will be going to different centers and programs in the area to go to people in need in our community,” said Rasmussen.  Junior Civitan will be working on other projects this year as well. 

They’re offering a reward for students who donate socks to help people who need them.

“The first hour that donates the most socks will win a pizza party from Junior Civitan club,” said Rasmussen.

In the past, Junior Civitan has “been a part of Stone Soup and Canned Food Drive in the fall,” as well as “Shop with a Cop, Toys for Tots, and adopt a family to shop for for Christmas,” Rasmussen said.

The global pandemic has affected the way Junior Civitan usually runs things. 

“This year has been very interesting compared to past years of Junior Civitan because we are trying to find ways to serve others while following CDC guidelines and recommendations and also meet and plan virtually instead of just in person,” Rasmussen said.  However, the club is making an effort to do the most they can. 

“We are finding ways to overcome and still be involved in our school and community!” said Rasmussen.

Junior Civitan has already been working hard on projects. 

“Our most memorable moment so far is our first meeting that was yesterday and today in person at school split in our in person school days to plan Socktober!” said Rasmussen.

Members said that they felt they’re adviser and president were very involving. 

“I would say she says, ‘I want to make sure you guys…’ a lot,” said Alexandra Topliff, a Junior Civitan member.

Junior Civitan is said to teach things that are useful no matter what you do later in life. 

“I think just every member putting forth that effort to help other people will be a benefit to society, whatever they do when they graduate,” said Candice Carlson, the club adviser. This year, members have already been very engaged in trying to meet their first goal: gathering as many socks as possible to donate. 

“I feel like there’s been a lot of people volunteering to spend time to get our stuff done, like there’s already volunteers willing to come in on a day they don’t have school,” said Topliff.